About Our Company

Diverse Experience

We serve a wide range of clientele, and every client relationship is valued greatly. Each engagement benefits each of our bondsman by offering a new experience every time.

No Surprises Here

Our agents are licensed by the North Carolina Department of Insurance as a bail bondsman. Every time you communicate with our agency, feel confident knowing you are talking to a licensed bail bondsman

Advantage of Repeat Clients

We are proud that so many of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for their bail bonding needs, and we work hard to earn their loyalty every day.


  • Waddell Bail Bonds, LLC is dedicated to providing the most professional, honest, and courteous service you will find.  We are located in Wilkes County, NC but we are able to provide our services in all 100 counties in the state. 
  • We want you, as our customers, to receive the upmost respect and professionalism during all phases of the bail bonding process.
  • You have to understand that you, our customer and our agents are just one side of the bail bonding process and we can only be responsible for that side.  The other side of the process has numerous steps that have to be completed by different agencies and/or individuals. Our agents realize that your time is important and all we can do is make sure we do our part in a correct and timely manner so it does not hold up the other side of the process.